3 Easy DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is right around the corner, which means that your kiddos are most likely going to be spending a long weekend at home with you.


Here are three easy and fun Easter-themed craft ideas for your kids to bring out their inner creatives and keep them busy!

Paper Handprint Bunnies



Source: onelittleproject.com


This one is extremely easy to do and creates little to no mess.


Simply ask your kids to select a piece of colorful construction paper, help them draw the outline of their hands, and cut out the paper.


From there, give your kiddos a few colorful crayons so they can draw the bunnies. Let them get creative!


Paper Plate and Cotton Balls Bunny

Source: gluedtomycraftsblog.com


For this craft project, you will need some cotton balls, construction paper, and some white liquid glue.


If your kiddos are young and may need help cutting out the right shapes for the bunny ears, nose, and mouth out of the construction paper, help them out!


Afterward, they can start gluing the cotton balls to the paper plate. Then, they’ll need to attach the bunny ears to the plate and add the bunny’s eyes and nose.


Egg Carton Spring Flowers



Source: iheartartsncrafts.com


While this craft project may be a bit messier, it’s definitely a favorite among kids!


You will need an empty egg carton box, Easter-themed paint colors, fun straws, a few pompoms, and paintbrushes.


First, cut out the egg carton box. Then, glue the straw to the carton box. From here, you can set out the paint and paintbrushes on a table and let your kiddos get creative with the painting!


Once it is dry, you can add the pompoms to the center of the egg carton box to complete the look of the spring flowers.


If you try any of these arts and crafts projects with your children over the holiday, please share the results with us! We’d love to see what your kids came up with.


Happy Easter!

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