Underwriting 101

By Andrea Robinson
March 25, 2021 Category: General

Underwriting is the lenders process of calculating the risk of lending money to you. The mortgage lender must determine whether you can pay back the home loan before deciding whether to approve your mortgage application. A mortgage underwriters job is to assess risk, meaning the entire risk if you would not repay the mortgage. Therefore, the underwriter evaluates factors that help the lender understand your financial situation, including: Your credit score Your credit report The property you plan to buy During the process of home approval, there are two types of underwriters. Although they have the same job title, their responsibilities differ, and here is the definition of the role that each has during the process: The financial underwriter this is the individual that will authorize or decline your ability to get approved for a loan. They review the risk the financial institution will take on by lending you money. The title underwriter will examine the title and check for

St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland 2021

By Andrea Robinson
March 12, 2021 Category: General

Although the St. Patricks Day parade has been canceled this year, there isno shortage of activities this year. Here are a few events that you can enjoy (safely) to celebrate this spirited holiday! Plan Your Trip to Ireland On Thursday, March 11, 6 p.m., via Zoom, join travel expert Susan Becks as she presents highlights of Ireland, including must-see destinations, history, heritage, and traditions. She will share beautiful photos and take you on a trip without leaving your home. Register at The Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants before the event. You must have the link to access the event. St. Colman Church Morning Mass St. Colman Church has been celebrating the holiday with morning mass since it was built in 1918. This years gathering at the historic church is noon on March 17th, and limited preorder tickets are available. Its also streaming live on Facebook. Savor a Tasty Reuben Get them plain or Reuben-style, but no matter how you cut it,

Common Misconceptions About Title Insurance

By Andrea Robinson
March 01, 2021 Category: General

Misunderstandings about title insurance are common among home buyers. Myths about title insurance have been told, preventing people from understanding the needed coverage. To help you understand why you need this type of insurance, lets discuss some common myths about title insurance. 1. There is only one kind of title insurance. Early in the home buying process, a title search is conducted to review the propertys history and uncover any issues that could affect your right to ownership. After a thorough examination of public records, there can be hidden title defects, such as tax liens, claims by heirs, or recording errors. 2. Title insurance is a monthly or yearly expense. Title insurance is a one-time cost you pay at closing when you purchase or refinance a property. 3. Title insurance is costly. The one-time premium for an owners title policy is based on your homes purchase price and is a small percentage of closing costs. Coverage is provided as long as you and your family own

5 Cybersecurity Tips While Working From Home

By Andrea Robinson
February 16, 2021 Category: General

According to Forbes, nearly 60% of full-time and part-time workers in the U.S. were doing their jobs remotely within the past year. Its become a necessity for employees to work from home. With many of the workforce pivoting to working remotely, that raises how to improve cybersecurity to prevent any critical information from being compromised. Here are five ways that IT professionals recommend to protect your precious data. Create strong passwords It is recommended to create a robust and lengthy password for every online account you log in to on an employer-issued device. Your password should be at least ten characters, excluding words or personal information. Additionally, combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and special symbols to increase your passwords difficulty and decrease the chances of someone hacking your data. Ensure that you are updating software as recommended Programs and operating systems are updated regularly to prevent criminals from capitalizing on

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

By Andrea Robinson
February 11, 2021 Category: General

Valentines Day is becoming a holiday that is just for couples. Regardless of who youre spending Valentines Day with, theres a perfect gift out there for that special someone. You can order numerous items right now that are ideal and that will ship in time. Lets take a look at five perfect last-minute gifts for Valentines Day. Lavender and Pink Bouquet This bouquet is a partnership between Country Living and Colour Republic that ships free from Amazon. Your sweetheart will receive twenty-four lavender and pink roses that arrive in a glass vase and are wrapped in a burlap gift bag ready for gifting. This is a classic gift that shows your affection, something anyone would love to receive. Homesick Home State Scented Candle Send some positive vibes to the friend or family member who moved away with these state-inspired candles. Celebrate any special occasion with these luminary visions. Candle options include country, state, city, and memory. All can be purchased for under $40. Popbar

YES: It's Still a Good Time to Buy or Sell!

By Andrea Robinson
January 26, 2021 Category: General

Experts are predicting a year of increased demand and rising home prices. Buyers are still eager to move, but the lower supply of homes on the United States market is contributing to increasing home prices. According to a 2020 National Association of Realtors study, homes sold for an average of $66,000 more than the purchase price. In 2021 the interest rates are expected to remain low. Low rates are favorable for an affordable mortgage. There are not enough properties on the market compared to the number of shopping buyers. As a result, it remains a sellers market that benefits homeowners who are choosing to sell. If you are debating, Should I sell now or wait? Here are some important factors that could contribute to your decision. The lack of available homes on the market creates opportunities for sellers to benefit from eager buyers, possible multiple purchase offers, and rising prices. The ideal time to put your house on the market can be specific to your location and influence the

Winter in Cleveland: Fun Things to Do!

By Andrea Robinson
January 20, 2021 Category: General

Cleveland is packed with things to do for everyone, residents, and visitors of all ages and various interests. With the colder weather here to stay for a while lets take a look at some fun and safe activities to enjoy over the next few months! Cleveland Museum of Art The Cleveland Museum of Art ranks as one of the best all-encompassing art museums in the United States. It is one of the frequently visited. Some of the current exhibits include Fashioning Identity: Mola Textiles of Panam and Bruce Davidson: Brooklyn Gang. Become reacquainted with the Cleveland Museum of Art. It is free to the public. The museums hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Climb Cleveland Purchase a day pass, and you can have access to everything Climb Cleveland has to offer. This includes climbing, yoga, fitness, and dancing. Climb Cleveland has climbing routes to fit a certain level of difficulty to practice various climbing techniques. There are brightly colored holds to make the paths distinct

2021 Home Design Trends

By Andrea Robinson
January 20, 2021 Category: General

Today everyone is spending a great deal of time at home. Most are reevaluating their needs within a living space. Many are utilizing their homes as a multifunctional space for working, socializing, exercising, and more. As we adjust the way we live, were also changing the spaces we live in. Comfort and utility are the design trends that will be prominent in 2021. Lets take a look at a few of the design trends and how you can incorporate them into your living space! Grandmillenial Style This new style is indicative of a modern revival of cozy design elements that you might find in your grandparents home. Expect to see vintage touches and old-school patterns. For example, coordinating soft, sink-into furniture, warm woods, mixed with bold modern colors. Color Stories Earth tones, including beige, brown, and terracotta, will continue to be popular this year. If you are considering starting a painting project, instead of grey or white, try a warm earthy tone. The color change will warm

3 Good Reasons to Get Title Insurance

By Andrea Robinson
December 22, 2020 Category: General

People have the future in mind when they buy a house and purchase homeowners title insurance to help protect their future. As a homeowner, there is a need to protect the property against the past and any future occurrences. For many owners, their property is their largest investmentand is worth saving! Lets take a look at three reasons why you need title insurance. Liens for Unpaid Taxes A lien on a property may disqualify a property from being sold. Property liens are legal notices attached to a property title because of unpaid debts. This can make buying a home a lot more complicated. A lien means that before you move forward with your new homes purchasing aspect, you need to research any liens against the property or home. Current Lawsuits or Mistakes in Records Does the future look bleak for the property youre about to purchase? Its a good idea to run a background check to investigate any lawsuits or disputes in records. Its a common problem that the records on your home are not

Northeast Ohio Holiday Events

By Andrea Robinson
December 15, 2020 Category: General

If youre looking for something festive to do in Cleveland this Christmas, here is a guide filled with virtual and in-person holiday events happening across Northeast Ohio this year. Downtown Clevelands Annual Winterfest This celebration is everything that you want out of a holiday season. Winterfest (like most things happening in 2020) will be a little different to accommodate the latest health and safety guidelines. Get the full Winterfest schedule with additional activities using this link All of the holiday festivities are held from Monday, December 14, 2020 - to Sunday, January 3, 2021. Light Up Lakewood Lakewoods annual holiday celebration has been reimagined. The idea is to capture the spirit of the citys festive traditions with nine days of virtual experiences. The online event will feature new video content posted every night at 7 pm, including a mini-parade, lighting ceremony, musical performances, storytime, and more. Light up Lakewood

Title Insurance Terminology 101

By Andrea Robinson
December 03, 2020 Category: General

A clear title is necessary for any real estate transaction. Title companies must search every title to check for claims or liens of any kind against them before they can be issued. A title search examines public records to determine and confirm a propertys legal ownership and determines whether there are any property claims. There are a lot of details when it comes to understanding title insurance. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, here are some standard terms used to help gain a better understanding. Assessed valuation - the value placed on the county assessors property; used as a basis for computing property taxes. Closing - in some areas called settlement or escrow. The process of completing a real estate transaction during which deeds, mortgages, leases, and other required instruments are signed and delivered, an accounting between the parties is made, the money is disbursed, the papers are recorded, and all further details such as payment of outstanding liens and transfer of

Home Values in 2021: What the Experts are Forecasting

By Andrea Robinson
November 30, 2020 Category: General

Housing experts agree that home prices are expected to continue to grow about 4% by the beginning of 2021. Uncertainty remains in the long term, with elevated unemployment expected to persist over the next year. After watching the for-sale housing market mostly shrug off the potential impacts of the coronavirus pandemic this summer. The market was expected to take a small dive and decrease but close 2020 with historically low inventory and massive buyer demand. Existing home sales also show the tightest housing market on record. It shows the ability that the housing market has to bounce back in the face of an ongoing recession. With winter months approaching, this healthy buyer activity suggests a winter housing market that is more active than average. Buyers may face more competition and have to act more quickly than usual to purchase their dream home. Many of those fortunate enough to have kept their jobs look to take advantage of low mortgage rates by jumping into the market by purchasing

2020 Holiday Decor Trends

By Andrea Robinson
November 17, 2020 Category: General

It seems that the holiday season is beginning early this year. According to recent trends, consumers plan to shop earlier this year to avoid inventory issues and shipping delays. With many of us spending more time at home this year, holiday home decorating will happen earlier than before. Are you ready to discover popular holiday trends for 2020 and how you can create these looks in your own home? 1.) Navy This color had a significant influence on the home dcor industry, as you see it in furniture, accessories, paint, and even holiday dcor! Navy pairs with so many colors, including silver, gold, platinum, and red. If you have navy accents in your home, definitely consider bringing navy into your holiday dcor! 2.) Platinum Platinum is the new neutral of choice! This tone falls between silver and gold and tends to be a little softer. Platinum is the perfect companion shade that will make your dcor festive and unique. 3.) Metal This fun element is excellent to bring holiday cheer.

What is Underwriting and Why Does It Matter?

By Andrea Robinson
October 27, 2020 Category: General

Underwriting is the mortgage lenders process of determining the risk of lending money to you. The bank, credit union, or mortgage lender has to decide whether or not you can pay back the home loan before deciding whether to approve your application. A home loan is a detailed process involving applying for the mortgage, receiving a loan estimate from the lender, processing the loan, waiting for approval, and finally closing on your home. The role of an underwriter is incremental in the entire process. Here are the responsibilities of an underwriter when helping process your home loan. Review your credit history. Underwriters look at your credit score. They look at your overall credit score and search for things like late payments, bankruptcies, overuse of credit, and more. Request an appraisal. Your underwriter will request an appraisal to ensure that the lenders amount for the home matches up with the homes actual value. Verify your income and employment. Your underwriter will

Cleveland Trick-Or-Treat Times

By Andrea Robinson
October 19, 2020 Category: General

Wondering what time trick-or-treat begins this year? Here is a guide to local community trick-or-treat times throughout Fairview Park and other surrounding cities! Avon: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 7:30 p.m. Avon Lake: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 7:30 p.m. Bay Village: Saturday, Oct 31 from 6 8 p.m. Fairview Park: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6-8 p.m. Lakewood: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 8 p.m. North Olmsted: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 8 p.m. North Ridgeville: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 7:30 p.m. Olmsted Falls: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6 8 p.m. Rocky River: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6-8 p.m. Westlake: Saturday, Oct 31, from 6-8 p.m. Here are some tips for a safe Halloween during Covid-19, from the Health Department. For parents: Have children wash their hands before eating treats. Bring hand sanitizer and a flashlight. Eat only factory-wrapped treats. Avoid homemade treats made by strangers. For trick-or-treaters: Design and wear a cloth face covering. Trick-or-treat with

Fall Fun: What's Going on Around Cleveland This Season?

By Andrea Robinson
October 13, 2020 Category: General

Northeast Ohio is a great place to celebrate the fall season. Whether its Halloween-themed things you want to do, fall colors you want to see, or fall flavors that you want to try, Cleveland and its surrounding cities have you covered. Here are a few of the great events that you can take advantage of this season. Enjoy the Changing Colors of the Season atRocky River Reservation.Rocky River Reservation is located in Berea, Brook Park, Cleveland, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, and Rocky River. The reservation includes a nature center, marina, stables, and three golf courses. Make a stop at Berea Falls Scenic Overlook, and climb the Fort Hill steps for excellent views. Northeast Ohio has no shortage of breweries, and theyre all producing their fall flavors, which is an ideal time to sip some seasonal brews. The variety of options include Oktoberfests, pumpkin ales, and all the fall flavors in-between. This is a prime season for craft beer lovers. Pick

Is Title Insurance Worth It?

By Andrea Robinson
September 30, 2020 Category: General

An owners title insurance is a policy on the deed of your home. It protects you from someone challenging your property ownership because of a circumstance involving a previous owner. With title insurance, youre buying coverage for potential title problems in the past even if you dont know what they may be at present. The two types of title insurance are the lenders title insurance policy and the owners insurance policy. Lenders title insurance protects the lender against problems with the title to your propertyfor example, if someone sues to say that they have a claim against the home. Whereas the owners title insurance protects an owner from: Any disagreement about the property lines Disputes about whether the seller had a right to sell the property to you Discover undisclosed liens or lawsuits against the property A lenders title insurance policy is required, and now youre considering an owners insurance policy. To purchase both types of insurance, you can expect to pay somewhere

Selling Your Home This Fall: Why Sellers Have an Advantage

By Andrea Robinson
September 23, 2020 Category: General

Are you contemplating whether or not to sell your home this fall? There are advantages for sellers who, despite initial doubt, are successfully selling their homes and making a profit this season! Its is not a big secret that this year has brought many unexpected challenges that have affected the economy and the housing market. Regardless, the housing market is bouncing back in a big way. One of the advantages of selling your home now is that there is probably more equity in your home since most homes sell above the asking price due to the low inventory level. Generally, when deciding to sell your home, many things need to be accomplished before putting the for sale sign in the front yard. With the current market trends, aside from simple staging and sprucing up, sellers dont have to make as many improvements when selling and can often sell the home as-is. Since the housing market status is ideal for sellers, it is recommended to list your home on a Friday morning to grab more interested

Fun Things You Can Do Now to Get in the Fall Spirit

By Andrea Robinson
September 08, 2020 Category: General

When the weather finally starts to cool down, and the leaves start to change colors, that means youve made it to the best season of the year! What makes autumn so memorable is the endless amount of fall activities that you can do together with your family and remain cost-effective. Theres nothing better than biting into a freshly made cinnamon sugar baked pumpkin donut. Instead of buying donuts from your local grocery, try preparing a homemade batch. Adding hot apple cider to complement this delightful treat will create longtime fans in your household. As an added touch to celebrate the season, bring out your fall decorations, including wreaths, pillows, and cozy blankets. The change in atmosphere will put you and your family in the fall spirit. Consider creating a few fun crafts with your children. They will love seeing something they made used to dress up the house. If you are looking for an outside activity to enjoy, here are a few suggestions. Make a fire pit for a bonfire to enjoy

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

By Andrea Robinson
August 24, 2020 Category: General

Can you believe it? Fall is less than thirty days away.!Have you started to prepare your house for the season? These tips will help you get your home ready for autumn weather AND save you some money! Inspect the roof - Take a close look at the roof and see if there are any damaged tiles, cracks, or leaves or debris. While you are taking a look at the roof, check out your gutters, and repair what needs to be fixed. Finally, get winter tools ready such as your snow blower, and make sure that everything is ready to go. Fertilize the lawn - Applying fall lawn fertilizer will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. If you plant bulbs for spring, nows the time to get them in the ground. Put away any seasonal furniture you have and store it in a dry place. Inspect furnace and air conditioning unit Take a thorough look at the furnace, check heating efficiency, and change the filter. Winterize air conditioning. If your home has central air conditioning, cover the outside

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