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Month: February 2021

5 Cybersecurity Tips While Working From Home

5 Cybersecurity Tips While Working From Home

Posted By Andrea Robinson
February 16, 2021 Category: General

According to Forbes, nearly 60% of full-time and part-time workers in the U.S. were doing their jobs remotely within the past year. It’s become a necessity for employees to work from home. With many of the workforce pivoting to working remotely, that raises how to improve cybersecurity to prevent any critical information from being compromised. Here are five ways that IT professionals recommend to protect your precious data. Create strong passwords – It is recommended to create a robust and lengthy password for every online account you log in to on an employer-issued device. Your password should be at least ten characters, excluding words or personal information. Additionally, combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and special symbols to increase your password's difficulty and decrease the chances of someone hacking your data. Ensure that you are updating software as recommended – Programs and operating systems are updated regularly to prevent criminals from capitalizing on their weaknesses. Make sure your operating system is running the latest version. Enable automatic updates to make sure your systems are protected. Beware of phishing techniques - Phishers will try to make their requests appear authentic by replicating trusted senders' email addresses. Look for typos, added punctuation that’s not supposed to be there, and email addresses that use the correct username with the wrong domain. Utilize your corporate VPN

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Posted By Andrea Robinson
February 11, 2021 Category: General

Valentine's Day is becoming a holiday that is just for couples. Regardless of who you're spending Valentine’s Day with, there's a perfect gift out there for that special someone. You can order numerous items right now that are ideal— and that will ship in time. Let’s take a look at five perfect last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day. Lavender and Pink Bouquet This bouquet is a partnership between Country Living and Colour Republic that ships free from Amazon. Your sweetheart will receive twenty-four lavender and pink roses that arrive in a glass vase and are wrapped in a burlap gift bag ready for gifting. This is a classic gift that shows your affection, something anyone would love to receive. Homesick Home State Scented Candle Send some positive vibes to the friend or family member who moved away with these state-inspired candles. Celebrate any special occasion with these luminary visions. Candle options include country, state, city, and memory. All can be purchased for under $40. Popbar Hot Chocolate Sticks Gift Set Who doesn't love to receive chocolate as a gift? These delicious treats are perfect for shipping out to friends and family this Valentine's Day. The gift set comes in a six-pack with a gift box with dark, milk, vanilla white chocolate. This edible delight is meant to be enjoyed shared or alone. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug This is not your average coffee mug. It comes with heated coils, making it an exc

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