Blog - Month: March 2018

Month: March 2018

Spring Home Decor Trends

By Andrea Robinson
March 26, 2018 Category: General

Spring is all about the transformation! Now it is time to transform, rejuvenate and bring some of that springtime brightness and life into your home. You can never go wrong with fresh cut flowers throughout your home. Small bud vases in the bathroom and a large centerpiece for your dining room table. This brings the aroma and visual stimulation to brighten up you space. If you want to be a little craftier, there are adorable ideas on Pinterest for easy mini terrariums and table top accent gardens. Fresh paint and wallpaper! Pale, pastel pallets are the way to go this season. Leafy yellows, grassy greens, lavenders, and pinks can create the springtime ambiance. Transform your walls or even old items throughout your home such as dressers, accent tables and chairs. Give them new life and purpose! Artwork can bring blank space to life. Go out and grab a few graphics of birds, flower print or bright, geometric patterned wall art. Whatever speaks to you and provides an upbeat mood

The Best Cleveland Pubs for St. Patrick's Day

By Andrea Robinson
March 14, 2018 Category: General

Were less than a week away for 2018s St. Patricks Day festivities! Downtown Cleveland will be hopping with people and the pubs will be flowing with green everything, including the beer! Here is a list of the best pubs to go to in Cleveland on St. Patricks Day: Flannerys Pub (Prospect Ave) Their headline moto is Everyone is Irish when you visit Fannerys Pub! Spoke to an inside source and she stated that the party will start at 6:00 a.m., it will be all standing seating with multiple bar stops throughout the facility. P.J. MacIntyres Irish Pub (Kamms Corner) they open and start the festivities at 7:00 a.m.! First 100 people get t-shirts. Theyll be serving an Irish breakfast and theyll be running a contest for those who purchase Guinness or Miller Lite. The Harp (Detroit Ave) Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. Live entertainment will be by Boys from the County Hell beginning at nine! Hooley House Sports Pub Grille (There are multiple locations around Northeast Ohio) Brookyln,

Cleveland Fish Fries

By Andrea Robinson
March 05, 2018 Category: General

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, during which time certain religions avoid eating meat on Fridays. Lent lasts until Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. And this means many establishments will have their Lent specials from now until then! Yes, were talking about FISH FRIES! posted their 2018 Cleveland Fish Fry Guide highlighting local Northeast Ohio establishments providing fish fries throughout the remainder of Lent. They stated they regularly update their website, so definitely check them out! Fox8 News also provides an ongoing list of Lenten fish fry locations that includes churches, non-profits and catering companies that provide Lent options during lunch and dinner. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has their own Fish Fry Locator! They give options for date-specific lists, map views, or you can plug in your address and find a location near you! Additionally, many restaurant chains are offering the Lent or fish specials on Fridays. There are many