Blog - Month: April 2019

Month: April 2019

3 Things Every Northeast Ohio Homeowner Should Know About Natural Disasters

By Andrea Robinson
April 16, 2019 Category: General

Northeast Ohio isnt known as a high-risk area for dangerous storms or wildfires. In fact, Cleveland is ranked as the #2 safest city in the country when it comes to natural disasters according to CBS news. That doesnt mean a natural disasters or weather-related events dont happen here, though. Flooding and the occasional tornado have been known to damage homes in Northeast Ohio. Hopefully, youll never have to experience what its like to have your home damaged or destroyed by severe weather. But, if you have ever wondered about how natural disasters can impact homeowners in the region, here are a few things you should know. First Steps If your house is damaged or destroyed by a weather-related event, there are three groups you should contact right away: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA is not just for hurricane survivors. If you need help after a disaster, contact this office to apply for aid. Homeowners Insurance Company. From homeowners policies to flood

How to Get Your 2019 Spring Cleaning Done in Just One Day

By Andrea Robinson
April 09, 2019 Category: General

Thats right. In just one day, you could have all your spring cleaning done. Its ambitious, but youve got this. According to the American Cleaning Institute yes, there is such an institution about 75% of American households participate in some form of Spring Cleaning every year, with most of the remaining 15% doing some form of springtime deep clean every few years. Its true almost everyone does some spring cleaning, but that doesnt mean its any fun! Our recommendation? Dont procrastinate. Heres how you can get it all done in just one day: Gather All Your Supplies First Before you can conquer your spring cleaning, make sure you have the right tools for the job. Few people enjoy the big task of cleaning out their home each year, and interrupting your rhythm to get new supplies can be an excuse to procrastinate. Make sure you have everything you need up front and make an easy-access pile of supplies to ensure you dont have an excuse to quit this marathon! Make

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Listing Agent in Northeast Ohio

By Andrea Robinson
April 02, 2019 Category: General

When youre ready to sell you house, one of the first steps is finding the right listing agent. From headshots on yard signs to park benches, youve probably seen real estate agents promoting themselves all over. But, where do you begin? Finding the right partner to sell your home starts with asking the right questions. Heres our list of three key questions to ask a real estate agent to help you have a successful home sale in the Cleveland area and beyond. How long have you been a real estate agent? Obvious question, right? More experience isnt always what youre looking for, though. While an experienced agent may have more connections or a refined pitch, younger agents may have more time to focus on your home sale. If youre considering an agent with less experience, ask them about the courses or seminars theyve completed. If youre satisfied with their training, this is a good time to find out how many clients theyre working with. If the number is low, your sale may mean