Blog - Month: September 2020

Month: September 2020

Is Title Insurance Worth It?

By Andrea Robinson
September 30, 2020 Category: General

An owners title insurance is a policy on the deed of your home. It protects you from someone challenging your property ownership because of a circumstance involving a previous owner. With title insurance, youre buying coverage for potential title problems in the past even if you dont know what they may be at present. The two types of title insurance are the lenders title insurance policy and the owners insurance policy. Lenders title insurance protects the lender against problems with the title to your propertyfor example, if someone sues to say that they have a claim against the home. Whereas the owners title insurance protects an owner from: Any disagreement about the property lines Disputes about whether the seller had a right to sell the property to you Discover undisclosed liens or lawsuits against the property A lenders title insurance policy is required, and now youre considering an owners insurance policy. To purchase both types of insurance, you can expect to pay somewhere

Selling Your Home This Fall: Why Sellers Have an Advantage

By Andrea Robinson
September 23, 2020 Category: General

Are you contemplating whether or not to sell your home this fall? There are advantages for sellers who, despite initial doubt, are successfully selling their homes and making a profit this season! Its is not a big secret that this year has brought many unexpected challenges that have affected the economy and the housing market. Regardless, the housing market is bouncing back in a big way. One of the advantages of selling your home now is that there is probably more equity in your home since most homes sell above the asking price due to the low inventory level. Generally, when deciding to sell your home, many things need to be accomplished before putting the for sale sign in the front yard. With the current market trends, aside from simple staging and sprucing up, sellers dont have to make as many improvements when selling and can often sell the home as-is. Since the housing market status is ideal for sellers, it is recommended to list your home on a Friday morning to grab more interested

Fun Things You Can Do Now to Get in the Fall Spirit

By Andrea Robinson
September 08, 2020 Category: General

When the weather finally starts to cool down, and the leaves start to change colors, that means youve made it to the best season of the year! What makes autumn so memorable is the endless amount of fall activities that you can do together with your family and remain cost-effective. Theres nothing better than biting into a freshly made cinnamon sugar baked pumpkin donut. Instead of buying donuts from your local grocery, try preparing a homemade batch. Adding hot apple cider to complement this delightful treat will create longtime fans in your household. As an added touch to celebrate the season, bring out your fall decorations, including wreaths, pillows, and cozy blankets. The change in atmosphere will put you and your family in the fall spirit. Consider creating a few fun crafts with your children. They will love seeing something they made used to dress up the house. If you are looking for an outside activity to enjoy, here are a few suggestions. Make a fire pit for a bonfire to enjoy