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Month: March 2017

"Spring" Into Action and Get Organized!

Spring Into Action and Get Organized!

Posted By Andrea Robinson
March 22, 2017 Category: General

  Monday marked the first day of spring for our world’s Northern hemisphere. You know what that means... Time for a bit of Spring cleaning! But before you jump right into sprucing up your home (or even de-clutter our minds!), here’s some advice from Ohio First Land Title:    1.     Get yourself organized – one of the most important things to do before tackling a project is making sure you have a plan! Set a schedule and give yourself deadlines.   2.     Make a checklist – This is part of getting yourself organized, but it deserves to be its own important point. Don’t forget to write down everything you need to do by room and task. You will feel accomplished once every box is checked! There are plenty of pre-made checklists online and templates that you can customize to fit your goals.   3.     Check out your favorite products' websites – Many products are coming out with their own spring tips, tricks, and checklists special to that cleaning product! Why waste extra energy if you have a product you love if they can outline a task for you?   4.     Go on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter – Pinterest hacks are some of our favorites... There are some amazing tricks you can learn on how to clean your toilets with things like coca cola or simple life hacks that help keep your space organized. Binder clips? Yeah, there

The Best Ways to Decorate Your Home This Year

The Best Ways to Decorate Your Home This Year

Posted By Andrea Robinson
March 09, 2017 Category: General

You found your dream home, we helped you CLOSE on your home, and you've just been given the keys... So now what? Time to move in! Seems simple enough, but after you've unpacked all the boxes, where on Earth are you going to put everything? Will you need new decorations to help fill space? Will you have to downsize some of your material items to make space?  These are questions we are going to help you answer by providing you with the top trends of interior decorating this year! Ohio First Land Title's value moves far beyond just closing your home, and we want to help you in as many ways possible. Let's take a look!   1. GREEN. And not just the garden greens! We're talking about the color green. We'll be seeing much more of it throughout 2017. This year, green represents refreshment and revitalization - and we could all use a splash of that! 2. MIXED PATTERNS. There's no such thing as a fabric that is "too busy" anymore! Instead, we're going to find many more mixed pattern pieces of furniture and cloth that liven up an otherwise minimal room. Grab your polka-dots and stripes, combine them, and go for it! 3. FAUX FINISHES. We all saw this one coming, and it's not only for faux fur rugs! Faux materials are much more affordable and in many cases more sustainable. Some of the biggest faux trends are faux wood finishes, leather countertops, marble wallpaper, and manufactured gray floors.  4. TEXTURE.

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