Blog - Month: August 2018

Month: August 2018

5 Fall Festivals in Cleveland You Don't Want to Miss

By Andrea Robinson
August 29, 2018 Category: General

Fall is right around the corner in Cleveland, and with that comes a batch of new Fall festivals! Here are our Top 5 on our do not miss list! 1. Countryside Fall Festival - Avon, OH September 8th 9th at Avons Countryside Antiques! Enjoy a great selection of dealers with fresh ideas for your home, wardrobe, business, and so much more! 2. Fall Harvest Weekends - Amherst, OH If you are looking for a family-friendly weekend activity to celebrate fall, then Hillcrest Orchards is the place! Every weekend until the end of October they celebrate all things fall! A tractor-pulled hayride to the pumpkin patch and the apple trees, a corn-maze, pedal carts for a friendly race around the track, barrel train rides for the little ones, as well, as a straw maze, play area and a giant corn box with a slide! 3. Harvest of the Arts - Wellington, OH Located in Wellingtons gorgeous square, the Harvest of the Arts is sponsored by Friends of the Herrick Memorial Library and serves as the librarys biggest

Roundtable vs. Escrow Closing — What’s the Difference?

By Andrea Robinson
August 28, 2018 Category: General

Its finally here the day when you officially own your home. But, before you get to get to lay back on the couch and kick your feet up on the coffee table (yes, thats all the furniture in your house right now), its time to sign those closing documents! Depending on where you live, there are a couple ways to get this done. If youre moving to Ohio, youll be using an escrow account to hold your funds for a day or two while all the paperwork settles dont put your feet up quite yet! In other parts of the U.S., buyers and sellers get together at a round table meeting to finalize the deal. So, what can you expect at escrow and round table closings? Round Table Closing Like the name suggests, round table closing involves a number of people meeting in-person to close the deal on your new home. This usually involves the buyer, seller, real estate agents, your title agent, and maybe an attorney or two coming together to transfer the homes title to your name and sign mortgage documents, like

How to Choose the Right Title Insurance Agency

By Andrea Robinson
August 21, 2018 Category: General

After months of browsing Zillow, tracking down the right realtor, attending open houses, making offers, mortgage approval, the appraisal, youve made it to the last step towards owning a home finalizing your title and closing the sale. Home buying is a long-term game, with plenty of complex steps and plenty of tedious paperwork throughout. Thats why its oh-so-critical to make sure you have the right people to help you through the endgame, but what should you be looking for when it comes to details like title duties and escrow? Here are some key steps to help you choose the right title agency: Think Local There are probably dozens of title companies in your state along with the handful of national companies that offer title and closing services. Its important to choose a company that has some expertise with how your local laws work. Remember, title companies make sure the closing process is done correctly and provide you with insurance to protect you (the owner) from issues