Blog - Month: October 2018

Month: October 2018

Land Title Monsters — What's Hiding in Your Property's History?

By Andrea Robinson
October 31, 2018 Category: General

It was a dark and stormy night. Sandra had just finished moving into her new house and was enjoying the evening alone in her living room. She started going through the days mail when she let out gasp. In her hands was an envelope with big red letters reading, FINAL NOTICE: INTENT TO LIEN. Her face turned ghostly white as she read her name at the top of a letter spelling out a lenders intent to collect several thousand dollars from an unpaid mortgage. After a quick google search, she found the company was legitimate. Whats worse, she did not have title insurance! While Title insurance should keep you from worrying about monsters like liens this Halloween, here are a few other title terrors that can be hiding in your propertys history. Forgery and impersonations Forgery occurs when someone lies about a propertys details stored in the public record. Forgers will often attempt to transfer ownership of a land or home away from a legitimate property owner without them knowing. Also,

3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Winter 2018 Right Now

By Andrea Robinson
October 22, 2018 Category: General

Fall is officially here, and if you are from Northeast Ohio, you know that this year promises another harsh, teeth-chattering winter. With a short autumn season and a long winter just around the corner, there is just enough time to start preparing your home for the cold months ahead. It is a good idea to start prepping your home right now; you dont want to be caught winter proofing your home when there is snow on the ground! While it is still warm enough for cider and sweaters, here are a few quick tips for winter-proofing your home right now! Goodbye Screens! Screen windows and doors are lovely for enjoying springtime air or a warm breeze on a humid day, but you do not want to be caught with a flimsy door once freezing temperatures kick in! It is a good idea to replace your screen windows with an extra layer to keep the heat in. Not only will your home be warmer, but trapped moisture can also cause damage. When moisture, ice, or snow gets stuck behind a screen window or door, the

What Does a Title Agency Do Exactly?

By Andrea Robinson
October 17, 2018 Category: General

In any real estate transaction, title agencies play a big role that involves every stakeholders from the buyer, to the seller, to the lender, and even the title insurance agency. So, what does a title agency really do? The job of these companies is a combination of complex research, professional coordination, and total trust. Its important to have a reputable title agency to get this complex job done right! Heres a bit more about what a title agency does when youre in the process of buying a home! Records Search Title agencies must do extensive, tedious research of county records to find any issues, like property liens, that may be attached to your new propertys title. This involves a review of public records relating to real estate that can impact both buyers and sellers. In the end, title agencies usually consolidate this information into a single preliminary report or title insurance agreement. Insurance Title agencies will usually offer title insurance to a buyer. This

Property Liens - What They Are and Why You Should Care

By Andrea Robinson
October 02, 2018 Category: General

When it comes to personal property like a house or a car, a bank or other creditor will attach a notice (or a lien) to the property that tells the world, someone owes me money on this! Usually filed within a countys records, a property lien is a common way for real estate stakeholders to make sure that they are paid in full for a certain piece of property. In the world of homebuying, its very important for buyers and sellers to make sure that a home doesnt have any residual property liens on file with the county. Here are some ways a lien can impact your property How are property liens used? A property lien is usually granted to a bank or creditor as part of repossession of a real estate property. This will be the first step a creditor can take to take back a property if someone isnt paying what they owe. A lien acts as a pre-action notification to the homebuyer/borrower that an action is about to be taken. If a lien goes unaddressed, a levy is put into effect where the property