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Month: October 2021

Northeast Ohio Trick-or-Treat Dates and Times

Northeast Ohio Trick or Treat Dates and Times

Posted By Andrea Robinson
October 27, 2021 Category: General

It’s almost time for all the tiny ghouls and ghosts to make their way to the streets and ask for a trick or a few treats. But If you aren’t keeping fort at your spooked-up home to feed the little trick-or-treaters, then you’re most probably looking for a neighborhood to bring your own trick-or-treaters to.   And you’re in luck because we found a list for you! You can consult it, here.   If you’re also looking for family-friendly activities during this Halloween weekend, we have another list for you! Plus, you don’t need to worry about any of these activities being too scary for your kiddos; they’re all non-scary.  Consult the list of Halloween activities in Northeast Ohio, here.   Lastly, if you want to make sure you see all the BEST and spookiest Halloween displays and decor this year, make sure to check out this page. You don’t want to miss them.   Wishing you all a safe, scary, and happy

4 Last-Minute DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

4 Last Minute DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Posted By Andrea Robinson
October 20, 2021 Category: General

If you’ve looked at your calendar recently and were horrified to find out that Halloween is less than two weeks away…. You aren’t alone!   Whether you’re planning to throw a Halloween party with your family and friends or are simply giving out treats, we got a few easy DIY decorations that will make your home the most spooktacular of the block!  Floating Witch Hats Source:    Bewitch your patio and make sure all wandering children know that witches have parked their brooms at your house!   With a roll of string and some tape, you’ll be able to glue the hats and have them floating over trick-or-treaters in no time.   Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns Source:   Instead of going for the good-old Jack-o’-lantern, why not illuminate your steps for trick-or-treaters with these jar lanterns?   Simply choose a few tissue paper colors, insert them into the mason jars and brush liquid glue all over it to make it stick to the inside of the jars.   Then, cut out a few spooky shapes in black felt fabric and glue it to the outside of the mason jars. Once night comes, simply add a small candle inside each jar and voila!   Ghost Windsock Source:    On Halloween night, you must unleash the lost souls into your front hard… Especially if you have trees they can be tied to!    Simply go through your recycling b

Is Fall a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home?

Is Fall a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home

Posted By Andrea Robinson
October 13, 2021 Category: General

Historically speaking, the housing market tends to heat up for both buyers and sellers towards the beginning of Spring. By the end of the Summer, the market slowly starts to cool down as we enter the chilly season. But this year, the housing market is nowhere near slowing down. In fact, as you may already know, homes are selling like hotcakes! Here’s why homeowners are putting their homes on the market for sale and buyers are quick to snatch them: Low-Interest Rates for Buyers The pandemic has caused a lot of economic downturns all over the world. As a response to these downshifts, the Fed brought down the interest rates for loans with the goal of stimulating the economy. And boy did that work well!  With the mortgage interest rate falling 3% below the lowest in history, there’s never been a better time to search for your forever home.  Low Competition for Sellers With the interest rates being so low, the time homes spend on the market has reached a record low. In fact, prior to 2021, most homes were on the market for an average of 36 days. These days, they spend less than 21 days on the market.  That’s almost 2 weeks less than normally.  Naturally, this quick sales cycle means that there are a lot fewer houses on the market at once. This makes competition low, which brings us to the next reason why the housing market is so hot right now. High Home Values for Sellers Lastly, the biggest symptom of low inventory in a hot hou

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