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Month: December 2021

How Long Does It Take to Get Title Insurance?

How Long Does It Take to Get Title Insurance

Posted By Andrea Robinson
December 28, 2021 Category: General

While certain aspects or steps in buying a home can be processed almost immediately, buying a home comes with a lot of wait time for important paperwork. One of the things for which there is usually a wait time is title insurance.   That being said, you may be wondering how long it may take to get title insurance…   Well, it depends.   Here are the steps an insurer will take to determine your eligibility for title insurance that may impact how long it takes for you to get a policy.   The complexity of the title search and examination   Once you request a policy for title insurance, an officer will go through a title search process for the home you are trying to buy. During this process, they will go through public records to identify the following information:   Who are the rightful owners of the property at this time Determine if there are any defects on the title Determine if there are any clouds on the title, such as liens, levies, and encumbrances    If there is anything that comes up during this search, the following point describes what will happen next.   The curing period   At this point, the officer will work to rectify any of the issues he or she may have found when it comes to the title of the home you are looking to buy.    Taking the final decision about insurability    Once the curing period is over, the officer will let you know about any issues they may

How to Winterize Your Home

How to Winterize Your Home

Posted By Andrea Robinson
December 21, 2021 Category: General

The official start of winter is only a few days away! That being said, now is a good time to ensure that your home is ready for the weather conditions coming our way. Here’s a list of tasks and check-ups you can do to ensure your home is ready for winter and to avoid any damage caused by Mother Nature.  Inspect your roof and repair any loose shingles  If your roof starts leaking in the Spring, it’s probably due to a hole in your roofing that you didn’t see before the first snow fell. Get on your roof and inspect it for any holes or loose shingles, if you can. If not, it’s worth calling a professional to check your roof. This way, you will have the peace of mind that water won’t be making itself into your home. Turn off exterior faucets  You won’t be using any of your exterior faucets during the winter, so make sure to turn them off! If you leave them on, the remaining water inside of the faucets can freeze and the force of this water inside pipes that aren’t expanding in size can cause a rupture. It can cause a flood inside of your home, which you don’t want.  Seal window gaps and cracks in the wall Is your heating bill astronomically high during the winter? While there are plenty of things you can do to lower that bill, one of the things you can do is ensure that all the gaps and cracks in your wall or close to your windows are filled. This way, cold air doesn’t make its way into your house and

3 Common Reasons Real Estate Deals Don't Work Out

3 Common Reasons Real Estate Deals Dont Work Out

Posted By Andrea Robinson
December 16, 2021 Category: General

Regardless of record-breaking home prices and interest rates for mortgages being at an all-time low, real estate deals still fall apart all the time! Here are three common reasons why real estate deals don’t work out…   The Seller Doesn’t Have a Clear Title   If the title of the home is unclear when conducting a title search, this may cause a buyer to back out of the deal as they don’t want to put themselves at risk of owning any liens that exist against the property… and rightfully so!    While title insurance can protect buyers against surprises, anything that comes up during a search and that the buyer is aware of wouldn’t be covered through their insurance. Therefore, we can only expect buyers to back out of the deal.   The buyer’s home inspection finds issues with the seller’s home   A lot of deals are contingent based on inspections. Usually, a seller would have to declare anything that they know is an issue with the house, but they don’t always do so. While it isn’t always intentional and sellers don’t always know what issues their home may have (especially if they’ve been living in it forever) some sellers might purposely fail to declare certain defects on the home.    This is why buyers need to invest in a professional that has a trained eye to find issues in a home before closing. If the inspector finds anything, the buyer either changes up t

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