Blog - Month: January 2020

Month: January 2020

How to Save for a House Without Really Trying

By Andrea Robinson
January 29, 2020 Category: General

Buying a house is a huge milestone. For most families in the U.S., its the largest purchase they will ever make it all starts with building up enough savings for a mortgage down payment. Last year, 13 percent of all homebuyers said that saving for the initial down payment on a house was the most difficult part of the purchasing process duh, right? Whats important to remember here is that 2020 will be a peak year for millennial homebuyers who also have the highest levels of student debt ever. That means Americas largest segment of homebuyers will also have the hardest time saving up enough money for that 20% down payment on a mortgage. So, whats a millennial homebuyer to do? Smart saving habits arent a new concept, and with the burden of student debt, young homebuyers are going to have to get smarter about how they save. Below are a few concepts to help make smart savings habits easier to manage. Know the Goal The first step to saving for a house is understanding exactly

Upcycled Décor: Four Ideas for DIY Furniture and More

By Andrea Robinson
January 22, 2020 Category: General

Did you know that millions of tons of furniture wind up in the trash each year? According to the EPA, 9.69 million tons of old furniture and decor were thrown away in 2015, and that number has only grown over the past five years. The worst part? Most of the furniture thats being bought today is pretty disposable. The popularity of particleboard, DIY assembly pieces has exploded in recent years, and that means its easier than ever to buy new furniture that will only be thrown away. So, whats the solution? Its time to start upcycling! The next time youre looking to replace a bookshelf or side table, consider making something unique and brand new yourself instead. With these four easy upcycling projects, you can help chip away at the millions of tons of trashed furniture. Re-Upholster Something Fresh fabric can add new life to just about anything especially old dining room sets. Between tools and fabric costs, a re-upholstering project like this can cost as little as $50 and

How to Calculate Accurate Home Equity Instantly

By Andrea Robinson
January 15, 2020 Category: General

One of the core benefits of choosing to buy a house is that you actually own the value of the property. Even if youre making payments on a mortgage, over time, youre actually building up equity with each payment the amount of property value that belongs to you vs. how much you owe the bank. Calculating equity may sound complicated or difficult, but its actually a pretty simple equation. Heres the basics formula: Home Equity = Home Value Loan Balance Pretty simple, right? Finding the right values is for this formula can be simple, too. Here are a few resources to help you calculate home equity quickly and accurately. How to Find Your Homes Current Value Home value is essentially determined by how much your home could sell for on the market right now. Hour propertys selling price can change a lot from the time you first had your property appraised as market conditions and seasonality can have a big impact on home sales at any given time. The quickest way to get an accurate