Blog - Month: November 2017

Month: November 2017

Things to do in Cleveland for the Holidays

By Andrea Robinson
November 29, 2017 Category: General

The holiday season is here and there are so many things going on in the Cleveland area! Check out a few of these great ideas to spend time with family and friends: Ice Skating in Public Square The local tradition of ice skating in downtown Cleveland has been going on now for decades. Go check out the family-friendly activity now until February 28thfor just $10! A Christmas Story House and Museum If you consider yourself a real fan of the famous movie A Christmas Story, stop by the house to see the leg lamp and Randys puffy snowsuit. Located just five minutes away from downtown Cleveland, this can be a great activity to bring your friends or family. Glow! at Cleveland Botanical Garden Missed your local light show? Come by to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Glow! exhibit, an outdoor light and decoration extravaganza. For only $16 you can have a great time with family as you gaze upon the different array of lights this holiday season. Tobogganing at the Cleveland Metroparks If

Tips for Moving Out (and Into) a Home

By Andrea Robinson
November 21, 2017 Category: General

Moving out and into a new home can be a stressful process. Read some of our tips to make your move easier on you and your items! Get rid of everything Okay maybe not everything, but do you ever feel like you have things you never even use or maybe rarely even see? The less number of things you have before moving, the less you have to move! Before packing up, look at your belongings and see if there is anything you can potentially get rid of. Whether that may be by giving them to friends or donating your items to people that will use them. So, purge your closet and see what you find! Sort things by category Saving time is a huge plus when moving out or into a new home. To start, make sure you sort everything into a category. Take all your coats, shirts, skirts, and shorts into one place, then sort. You can do this with almost everything including shoes, bags, accessories and more. Get moving boxes from your local liquor store Many liquor stores recycle their used boxes.

The Best Home Decor for Thanksgiving

By Andrea Robinson
November 13, 2017 Category: General

The holiday season is here and Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK! Decorating your home for the occasion doesnt have to be harder than you think - Especially if its last-minute! Here are a few ideas to get the creative side going and to spice up your Thanksgiving this year! Creative Candleholders Using repurposed candleholders can save you a trip to the store this season. Simply take candleholders and add on a tiny pumpkin to the top to give it a fall and Thanksgiving feel. Harvest Mantel A mantel within your home can easily be made the centerpiece of a room to bring together your festive decorations. You can simply arrange an assortment or gourds, pumpkins, or dried wheat in a pleasing setting. If you want to add a bit more, placing simpler colored candles can tie together the different arrangement of decorations. Thankful Wreath If you want to set the tone for your Thanksgiving get-together, a Thankful wreath might be the perfect decoration for you to use. You can start this