Tips for Moving Out (and Into) a Home


Moving out and into a new home can be a stressful process. Read some of our tips to make your move easier on you and your items!


Get rid of everything

Okay maybe not everything, but do you ever feel like you have things you never even use or maybe rarely even see? The less number of things you have before moving, the less you have to move! Before packing up, look at your belongings and see if there is anything you can potentially get rid of. Whether that may be by giving them to friends or donating your items to people that will use them. So, purge your closet and see what you find!


Sort things by category

Saving time is a huge plus when moving out or into a new home. To start, make sure you sort everything into a category. Take all your coats, shirts, skirts, and shorts into one place, then sort. You can do this with almost everything including shoes, bags, accessories and more.


Get moving boxes from your local liquor store

Many liquor stores recycle their used boxes. If this is so, ask to take a few to try to save a little bit of money and paper when starting your moving trip. Try not to grab any boxes that may be a little bit too worn… the box may just rip right through!


Change your address before you move

This is something everyone tends to forget to do is to change their address when moving. When changing your address ahead of time, your bills, credit card statements, and packages will arrive on-time and in the right place.


Label all your boxes

If you are someone that likes to save time and effort, make sure you are labeling the boxes you pack up throughout your moving experience. Once you have sorted your items by category and picked a box to load them into, you are ready to label. Seeing what is in each box will allow you to pack and unpack your car or moving truck.


Create a number system

If you are wanting to take your labeling system a step further, you can create your own number system. This method can be good for a few reasons: to know exactly how many boxes you are moving or to know what order to remove the boxes in.


After reading a few of these tips, you are now ready to move into your new home and out of the old like a pro!

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