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Month: September 2018

Welcome to Fall in Lorain County — 5 Local Attractions to Try This Season

Welcome to Fall in Lorain County †5 Local Attractions to Try This Season

Posted By Andrea Robinson
September 24, 2018 Category: General

Welcome to Fall in Lorain County! The days are comfortably cool, there’s crisp, fresh air off the shoreline, the leaves are changing colors, and the sun is starting to set early.   Just because the days are getting a bit shorter doesn’t mean you and your family have to wait around inside for winter, though. It’s time to break out the sweaters and dive into some fall fun — or maybe just a pile of leaves.   Here are some great local Autumn expeditions for you and your family to try in Lorain County! Common Ground – Zip Into Autumn Get up-close and personal with Autumn colors! Common Ground Canopy Tours is a state-of-the-art ZipLine experience that takes you into the trees above the beautiful Vermilion River Valley. Take advantage of discount tickets for the rest of the season and catch the area’s green forest turning to beautiful shades of red and yellow.   Miller’s Apple Hill – Apple Pickin’ Spree and More There’s nothing more Fall than apple picking and pumpkins. Miller’s Apple Hill is a great spot to enjoy some seasonal activates with your family all the way through October. Kicking off the season on September 29th, get free admission for apple picking, wagon rides, crafts, and more.   Lorain Palace Theater Built in the 1920s, Lorain Palace Theater in downtown Lorain is an old movie palace that can seat over one-thousand patrons. Today, it hosts every kind of event, from retro

Transferring a Land Title: Basic Terms You Need to Know

Transferring a Land Title: Basic Terms You Need to Know

Posted By Andrea Robinson
September 17, 2018 Category: General

  Whether you are inheriting a property that has been in the family through generations or are preparing to purchase a new home for the first time, transferring ownership of a land title is a key process that ensures your state knows exactly who owns what. Whether you’re buying or selling, inheriting or gifting, it’s good to know the basics of how transferring a land title —also known as conveyancing — so you can keep track of your assets.   Here’s some basic terms you need to know if you’re getting ready to transfer a land title! Deeds A deed is a document that actually transfers ownership of property from one person to another. There are many types of deeds in a property transaction, but the basic structure is that a deed establishes an official property description, the current owner (grantor), and who the new owner will be (the grantee).   Recording the Deed Recording the deed is the final step in transferring a title. This is where the county records who now owns a property at the end of a transfer. This step is super important because ownership is not considered “official” until the final results of the transfer have been recorded in a public record. The recording process will vary by state, so make sure you’ve got some local help!   Title Specifics The title specifics dictate what happens if an owner dies. These details can impact how a property is being inherited or how it will be p

Homebuying Toolbox – 4 Great Apps for Homebuyers

Homebuying Toolbox †4 Great Apps for Homebuyers

Posted By Andrea Robinson
September 04, 2018 Category: General

In 2018, your phone can do a lot, but did you know it can help you move and buy a house? We’re not just talking about simply browsing Zillow (though Zillow does make an appearance in our list). These days, you can find info on neighborhoods, set a budget, and even get approved for a mortgage all from your Apple or Android phone or tablet.   If you’re in the market for a new house, there’s an app for that! Here are five great apps that every homebuyer should be using right now: Teleport — Choosing the Best City If you’re still trying to decide what neighborhood to live in, Teleport is a newer app designed to help homebuyers find the best cities that match their unique lives. Through a series of questions about your work and lifestyle, the app can match you to one of over 200 locations around the world.   When you’re ready to move, there’s even a move-in checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything! Zillow and Trulia – The Big Names Even if you haven’t started looking for a home, Zillow’s Real Estate App may already be on your smartphone. Zillow and Trulia are perhaps the most popular apps for browsing listings and building a shortlist of dream homes. With intuitive interfaces and a laundry list of search filters, these apps can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a home.   If you don’t already have one of these apps on your phone, this is a great way to hel

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