Blog - Month: February 2020

Month: February 2020

First Snowstorm as a First Time Homebuyer

By Andrea Robinson
February 28, 2020 Category: General

Welcome to Homeownership Moving from an apartment or condo to your own home comes with many changes. For homeowners in Northeast Ohio a major change is dealing with the aftermath of a snowstorm. This may seem like a straightforward topic but creating a plan and ensuring that you are prepared will ensure that you do not get stuck out in the snow. To help you get started, heres a list of 3 snowstorm preparedness tips in Northeast Ohio! Snow Removal The largest change for first time homebuyers will be managing snow removal from sidewalks and driveways. Many people will opt to save a few dollars and clear snow and ice themselves. Whether its an old fashion snow shovel or a gas powered snowblower ensuring that your driveway and sidewalks are maintained will help ensure the safety of yourself and others. Throwing down salt will help melt ice and keep anyone from slipping. (Pet owners make sure to buy pet safe salt to now hurt your dogs paws!) Another option would be to hire

Moving on a Budget: Five Money-Saving Tips

By Andrea Robinson
February 21, 2020 Category: General

Moving to a new home can be pretty exciting, but it also comes with a long list of expenses. Aside from the costs of purchasing a new house or condo, moving itself adds a pretty hefty expense to the homebuying process. But dont worry, there are plenty of ways to save! The secret to keeping your costs down is planning. A little extra effort in the weeks and months before a move can save you a ton of money. Below are five planning strategies you can use to help you save on your big move! Move in an Off Season Spring and Summer are the most expensive times to move into a new home because of a hot real estate market between April and October. Delaying your move till the Fall or even Winter months can land you a huge discount on moving expenses. Purchasing a home off season also comes with its own unique benefits. You can learn more about them here. Move in the Middle of the Week Cant schedule an off-season move? You can still save money during the warmer months. Scheduling

Four Tax Tips for Homeowners in 2020

By Andrea Robinson
February 11, 2020 Category: General

For most Americans, their home will be the biggest purchase of their lifetime. That big purchase comes with some big responsibilities like keeping the property in good repair and, of course, the long-term commitment of a mortgage. But there are some financial benefits, too. One of the biggest financial advantages of a home purchase hit during tax season in the form of tax credits and deductions. To make sure youre taking advantage of these benefits, weve put together a list of four tax breaks you can still claim as a homeowner in 2020. Note: Ohio First Land Title is not a tax advisor! This list is a great place to start research on your tax benefits, but we recommend professional services for in-depth financial advice. Mortgage Interest Deduction If you purchased your home with a mortgage, the interest you pay on your loan is still tax deductible this year. Whats new for 2020? The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act changed how much mortgage interest is tax deductible. If you purchased