First Snowstorm as a First Time Homebuyer

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Moving from an apartment or condo to your own home comes with many changes. For homeowners in Northeast Ohio a major change is dealing with the aftermath of a snowstorm.


This may seem like a straightforward topic but creating a plan and ensuring that you are prepared will ensure that you do not get stuck out in the snow.


To help you get started, here’s a list of 3 snowstorm preparedness tips in Northeast Ohio!

Snow Removal

The largest change for first time homebuyers will be managing snow removal from sidewalks and driveways. Many people will opt to save a few dollars and clear snow and ice themselves.


Whether it’s an old fashion snow shovel or a gas powered snowblower ensuring that your driveway and sidewalks are maintained will help ensure the safety of yourself and others. Throwing down salt will help melt ice and keep anyone from slipping. (Pet owners make sure to buy pet safe salt to now hurt your dog’s paws!)


Another option would be to hire someone to handle snow removal. Whether it’s a large company or a neighbor, having someone handle snow removal can help ensure that you are always covered when a blizzard hit. Ensure that whoever you hire has insurance. Though they may just be shoveling your driveway, accidents happen, and you will need to be covered.

Energy Efficiency

Snowstorms bring along cold weather which causes electric bills to climb. An inexpensive way to insulate your home is to wrap windows in plastic. Shrink wrapping windows is a way to imitate energy efficient window design on a budget. These products can be bought at any local hardware store.


Replacing older insulation in your home is a way to both save money on heating and cooling and add value to your home. Installing insulation can be done as a DIY project or contracted out to a general contractor. Another option is spray foam insulation that comes with a longer life span but a higher price point. 

Roof Safety


Some houses are prone to accumulate snow and ice. Depending on the pitch of the roof line it is crucial to ensure that snow does not sit and cause damage to your new house.


Utilizing a snow rake to pull the snow off of your roof is an inexpensive way to remove the snow. Another option would be to install heating cables that melt accumulated snow. If the snow has hit a point where it becomes dangerous to remove calling in professionals can ensure that no injuries or damage is caused to your house.


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