Blog - Month: February 2018

Month: February 2018

St. Paddy's Day in Cleveland: Get Prepared Now!

By Andrea Robinson
February 26, 2018 Category: General

One of Clevelands largest celebrated holidays is coming up quick We think youll agree that were all excited for St. Patricks Day, which falls on a Saturday this year! First, we think it will be wise to physically prepare ourselves for St. Patricks Day. Task one: Drink lots of water! Just kidding, but seriously - Hydrate! Especially if you plan to head to Downtown Cleveland for the parade and festivities afterwards. It could wind up being a long day! Since St. Patricks Day is on a Saturday, this means there are going to be even more events to attend! Youll want to plan out your day and give yourself ample time to get to your destinations. Start by checking out and other websites to see the whens and wheres of the day! Part of planning your day out involves how are you going to get to your destination(s). Uber? Lyft? Drive to one of the rapids and take it downtown to Tower City? Attempt to drive yourself (not suggested unless you book a hotel!)? Choose

Start Your Spring Cleaning Now!

By Andrea Robinson
February 19, 2018 Category: General

The winter season is said to be a season of preparation! The earth is preparing to give birth to fresh, new life come Spring time, but now is the perfect time to get prepared! Yes, were talking about Spring Cleaning and the opportunity to give your home a fresh, new look. First, plan to succeed. You want to make sure youre hitting every nook and cranny while checking off every box. Before you start jumping into cleaning, moving things around, and throwing out clutter, youll want to set a plan of action. Write lists of items youll need and/or what you want to get rid of. Create smaller checklists for each room and give yourself deadlines for when you want to have it completed. Next, put the plan into action. Make sure your plan includes: Wiping things down, like your walls, ceilings, and baseboards. Vacuum and shampoo all your rugs and carpets. Dust your shelves, ceiling fans, ledges and nick knacks. Wash the windows and air out the screens! Sort through your clutter and

Last Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas

By Andrea Robinson
February 13, 2018 Category: General

Facebook is full of fun things to get into around town! Some options are FREE! All you have to do is click Discover and choose the date and pick the location. There are categories to choose from too! Here are a few fun ones: Love Me Not: A Tinder Tales Storytelling and Variety Show at The Grog Shop. Fly solo or take a friend. You dont have to have a Valentines Day date for this one! Enjoy funny (or horror) stories from people who met online. Story Club West Side: Love and/or Chocolate Valentines Day Wine Club VIP Party application required, but no fee just a two bottle a month commitment. Ice-skating at University Circle. Take your sweetie Downtown and enjoy a nice evening under the stars. Gamble at the Casino! You dont have to spend hundreds. Go with a couple of bucks and see if love and luck is on your side. What is Valentines Day without sweets? Grab some at the YMCA bake sale in Fairview Park! Stick around and enjoy their Valentines Day party at 11:45 a.m. Or