Blog - Month: October 2019

Month: October 2019

Homebuying in Ohio: Earnest Money Checks and Deposits

By Andrea Robinson
October 29, 2019 Category: General

Buying a home in Northeast Ohio? Many steps in the homebuying process are pretty universal getting pre-approved for a mortgage, ordering an appraisal, purchasing title insurance. However, some states like Ohio have a unique tradition called earnest money. If youre planning to purchase a home here, youll want to familiarize yourself with this part of the real estate transaction. What is Earnest Money? In some real estate transactions, earnest money is an extra deposit made at the very beginning of the closing process to the current property owner that demonstrates good faith that you seriously intend to purchase from them. This non-refundable deposit acts as a sort of insurance policy for the seller as they follow steps towards closing such as title searches, home inspections or repairs. This way, if you choose to walk away from a real estate deal, the seller can recoup some costs. Remember When youre ready to deposit earnest money, you are indicating that you are very

Four Zillow Alternatives for Homebuyers in Northeast Ohio

By Andrea Robinson
October 22, 2019 Category: , General

Shopping for a new home? and offer simple and effective resources to help you find listings near you, but in a hot housing market like the one in Northeast Ohio, by the time you find a property on one of these listing networks, its usually too late. But dont worry There are plenty of alternatives to find listings and schedule open houses. While youre checking out properties around Cleveland, OH, be sure to try one of the Zillow alternatives below. Use Search Engines Assuming you already have the Zillow app on your phone, you dont have to limit yourself to what you can find on listing platforms to find a house. There are still plenty of sellers out there who dont use Zillow, or Trulia. However, to uncover these hidden listing gems, youll need to do a little digging. Start by searching homes for sale near me and hunt for realtors names and websites in the results. Often times, websites that are directly managed by a realtor are easier

Three Simple Fall Décor Ideas for Homes in Northeast Ohio

By Andrea Robinson
October 08, 2019 Category: General

In case you missed it, Fall has officially arrived! With the cooler temperatures and changing leaves all around, there are lots of ways to bring the themes of the season into your home. That doesnt mean everything needs to be pumpkin-themed, though! There are plenty of tasteful ways to reflect the fall season and bring a warm, cozy feeling into every room of your home. From vintage pillows to textured fabrics, here are three ways to welcome Autumn into your home in 2019. Oversized Blankets Do you have a giant, plaid blanket stowed away in your closet? Its time to put it on display! Repurposing cozy plaid or tartan blankets into tablecloths and furniture covers can transform any space into a more warm and inviting place. Pro tip: even if you dont plan to put your fuzzy blankets on display, consider keeping them neatly folded in your living space as the temperatures drop. Autumn is a pretty mild season in Northeast Ohio, so you can wait to turn on the heat and snuggle up with