Blog - Month: July 2019

Month: July 2019

Moving to a New State: Five Tips for Trans-State Transplants

By Andrea Robinson
July 23, 2019 Category: General

Each year, its estimated that over 10 percent of US households move to a new home. Of the people that move, at least a third will move to a new state. Relocating anywhere comes with complications, and relocating to another state adds new moving parts like learning tax codes and planning for a different cost of living not to mention some of the emotional stress that comes with leaving behind a familiar place. Dont worry, though. Migrating to a new state can and should be a positive and exciting experience. If youre moving to the Northeast Ohio region from another part of the country, or youre getting ready to venture out of the greater Cleveland area for the first time, here are some tips to help you have a smooth transition into your new life and home! Find a New Doctor Do you know where youre going to go if you get sick or injured? Are local doctors offices in your companys insurance network? Nobody plans for a big injury or virus to hit when theyre first moving into

Best Metroparks for Getting Outdoors This Summer in Northeast Ohio

By Andrea Robinson
July 16, 2019 Category: General

Summer 2019 is in full swing, but how are you going to get out in the sun this year? While the Greater Cleveland area is well known for some rough winters and grey skies in the colder months, our region is also rich with beautiful outdoor spaces for residents to connect with nature, visit the beach or even go exploring. From Metroparks to waterfronts, theres no reason why you shouldnt get outdoors after work or over the weekend! If youre feeling restless at home in your living room, here are three of the top public metroparks and outdoor events in Northeast Ohio you should check out this summer. Edgewater State Park Stretched across the shores of Lake Erie, Edgewater Parks beaches and trails are known for scenic views of Clevelands skyline and fun events for the family. People from Parma to Lakewood to Willoughby and all over Northeast Ohio will visit throughout the summer to cool down at the beach, ride bikes near the waterfront or even to join in on a drum circle. With

Four Great Real Estate Podcasts for Homebuyers and Agents

By Andrea Robinson
July 10, 2019 Category: General

Theres a podcast for everything even for homebuying. In fact, there are about 750,000 active podcasts in the world, and that number is growing! So, whether youre an industry professional or just a curious home shopper, here are four top real estate podcasts about mortgages, title insurance, market trends, listings and more. Real Estate Today Radio The radio show about all things real estate, this award winning podcast dives into timely topics around the American dream of home ownership. Topics range from industry news and seller-end advice to tips and tricks around home ownership. Host: Stephen Gasque Audience: Homebuyers and realtors Number of Episodes: 543 Harvard Business Review Ideacast Harvard Business Review is one of the leading business publications in the United States and even the world. Their podcast, Ideacast, ranges in topics from daily business news to in-depth feature stories on specific sectors of the economy like real estate! While the Ideacast isnt