4 Last-Minute DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you’ve looked at your calendar recently and were horrified to find out that Halloween is less than two weeks away…. You aren’t alone!


Whether you’re planning to throw a Halloween party with your family and friends or are simply giving out treats, we got a few easy DIY decorations that will make your home the most spooktacular of the block! 

Floating Witch Hats

Source: simply2moms.com 


Bewitch your patio and make sure all wandering children know that witches have parked their brooms at your house!


With a roll of string and some tape, you’ll be able to glue the hats and have them floating over trick-or-treaters in no time.

Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Source: erinspain.com


Instead of going for the good-old Jack-o’-lantern, why not illuminate your steps for trick-or-treaters with these jar lanterns?


Simply choose a few tissue paper colors, insert them into the mason jars and brush liquid glue all over it to make it stick to the inside of the jars.


Then, cut out a few spooky shapes in black felt fabric and glue it to the outside of the mason jars. Once night comes, simply add a small candle inside each jar and voila!


Ghost Windsock

Source: chickenscratchyny.com 


On Halloween night, you must unleash the lost souls into your front hard… Especially if you have trees they can be tied to! 


Simply go through your recycling bin and pick out a few tin cans. Once you’ve painted them white, draw the faces of your ghosts using black craft paint.


Then, simply cut a dozen of strings from a roll of white ribbon and glue them to the inside of the can (you can also use toilet paper). Once you’re done with that, simply pierce a tiny whole through the top of the can and pass a line of string through it so you can hang the ghouls from the trees in your front yard.


Ghost Leaf Bags

Source: our-everyday-art.com


If you’re really short on time and got some chores to do, this DIY decoration allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Simply go to the store (or on Amazon) and order these garbage bags that already have a jack-o’-lantern’s face on them. Fill them up with leaves and you’re all set up to give out candies on Halloween night!  


If you try out any of these Halloween DIY decorations, make sure to share what the final result is. We’d love to see your craftiness!

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