5 Backyard Trends for Summer 2022 -

If you’re looking for new ways to bring life to your backyard, look no further!


In this blog post, we’ll cover 5 backyard trends for this Summer. 


Now, let’s get to it….


Outdoor living spaces


With many people shifting to working remotely permanently, having an outdoor living space in your backyard where you can comfortably work is the newest and hottest trend.


Whether it be a comfortable seating area or a cabana, creating a space where you can be productive in your backyard is something many people are investing their money into.


Backyard escapes


Another trend that emerged during the pandemic and is still strong is creating an “escape” out of your backyard. Since the pandemic caused many people to cancel their trips, many made the most out of their home space, including their backyards.


Whether it be fancy outdoor furniture, waterworks, or an extravagant garden, making your backyard a space you can use to “escape” reality is a trend.


Fire features


If you have a pool, adding fire features to it and its surroundings is a backyard trend. 


But the fire feature trend doesn’t stop there. Not only are people adding fire features to their pools, but they’re also adding it throughout their whole backyard. Whether it’s a fire pit or a few torches on the wall, fire is something you’ll be seeing a lot more of.


Privacy screens and hedges


With many of us spending a lot more time than usual at home (when compared to pre-pandemic times), a lot of us end up showing a little more interest in what our neighbors are doing… and they know!


That’s why an emerging trend we’re seeing is the usage of privacy screens and hedges, which help keep looky-loo eyes away.


Funky furniture 


As many of us are spending a lot more time than ever before in our backyards, it’s only normal that we want to make it look good.


That’s why furniture design and decor are now as important in your backyard as it is in your home. More and more people are picking out fun furniture designs as well as choosing decor items to create a cohesive-looking space.


Have you picked up any of these backyard trends for the Summer? If not, which trend do you think you’ll hop on?


Let us know! 

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