4 Types of Home Smart Tech Worth Your Investment

Did you know that 71% of Americans want to purchase a home with smart-tech but only 27% have invested in smart-home tech?!


These numbers clearly show us that the demand for smart homes is at an all-time high, but the supply of these sought-after homes is pretty low.


And contrarily to what you may believe, smart homes aren’t just for new constructions. You too can invest in smart-home tech!


Yes, even if your home is over 50 years old…


Read on to learn which smart-home tech has the best ROI when comes time to sell your home.


Energy-Saving Smart Appliances 


If the tech reduces energy consumption and saves you money, it is definitely worth the investment. Not only will the yearly savings from installing this tech quickly surpass the cost of installing this technology, but it helps the environment. Simply because your energy consumption is limited only to what is needed and nothing more. 


Security technology 


If the gadget gives you peace of mind, it’s on a smart-home buyer’s wish list! Whether it is a doorbell that has a camera feature, an alarm system you can turn on and off from your phone, security cameras that record your home’s surroundings, or outside lights that turn as soon as the sensor feels someone approach it, security technology is always worth the investment. 


Automated blinds and curtains


Convenience from this home-tech may be a huge selling point, but the biggest selling point of this is the WOW factor. People just love the idea that they can use their voices to close their blinds and curtains instead of having to do it themselves.


Smart LED Lighting


Not only is this technology one of the least expensive ones to integrate into your home, but it’s also the one that is the most fun and sought-for by buyers to have in your home. In addition to LED light consuming less energy and having a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, smart LED lighting gives an older home the impression that it is a lot more modern.


While these cool features may make your home an easier one to sell, they may also convince you to stay! Do you have any of these in your home? What are you considering adding? Let us know!

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