5 Reasons Why You Need Title Insurance

If you’re on the market to buy a home, then you might be wondering if title insurance is necessary. While you may not be legally required to purchase a title insurance policy, there are multiple reasons why you should get one. 


That being said, here are five reasons why we strongly recommend you purchase a title insurance policy:

To protect yourself from fraud, forgery, and identity theft

If a fraudster steals your identity and takes out a mortgage on your property and disappears with the borrowed money, then you are left with a huge debt. Title insurance protects you from this type of fraud and ensures you don’t live with the consequences of a debt you never took out yourself.

To protect yourself from errors and or omissions on the deed


Believe it or not, not everything that comes up on a title search can be fully trusted. While the information is usually legit, there are cases where there are errors in the documents or information is omitted. While getting a title insurance policy does not guarantee this will not happen, it will help mitigate the financial risk.

To protect yourself from title defects


Imagine moving into your dream home only to have someone knock at your door and say it’s theirs?! Believe it or not, this happens in real life and not just in movies. 


It tends to happen when the previous owner of the home has put it in their will as an inheritance to a family member.

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