Eight Lazy Housekeeping Hacks for Homeowners in Northeast Ohio

It’s a known fact — heat makes you feel lazy. Hotter days are on the horizon in Northeast Ohio as May comes to a close and the Summer Solstice is just a few weeks away.


But don’t worry. We have eight housekeeping hacks for happy, lazy homeowners to keep their spaces neat, clean and organized without really trying.

Washing Machine Tablets

Keep your clothes washing clean by keeping the washing machine clean. No elbow grease required — just drop a tablet in your machine and hit “start.”


Pro tip: cleaning packets from Tide work in any washer — including High Efficiency.


The TubShroom

Never ever, ever, ever snake your drain again. TubShroom stops hair from getting clogged in your drain is literally the best thing to ever happen to bathtubs since wine and candles.


Quick Stain Removers

The most famous? The Tide to-go stick. If you don’t have a spot stain remover in one of your kitchen drawers… well… we’re judging you.


Steaming Microwave Cleaner

Ever go to pop a bag of popcorn and change your mind because nobody has cleaned the microwave in five months? Don’t lie.


You need a microwave steam cleaner — just fill with water and vinegar and hit “start.”


Washable Keyboard

A waterproof and dishwasher safe typing apparatus that makes WFH a clean freak’s dream.


Non-Stick Oven Liners

Has the smoke detector started to go off every time you make a batch of pizza rolls? Well, that’s because it’s a dirty mess and you’ve never cleaned it before.


With an oven liner, you can literally pick up and throw out your messy oven in two seconds. Eco-friendly three packs are available on Amazon.


Goo Gone

Residue be gone. Tape gunk be gone. Melted crayon be gone. Buy a bottle of Goo Gone and never ever use your nails to scrape away nasty gunky things again.


Odor Blocking Trash Bags

So, you forgot to take out the trash again? You’d never know…


Robot Vacuums

The original Roomba was like a semi-useless remote-control car, but with tons of competitors on the market today, new robot vacuums is guaranteed to at least eat your dust bunnies.


A Box of Frozen Eclairs

You earned it.

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