Why Should You Get a Title Search?


Buying a new home? 


Before starting this process, there are several steps you should take before jumping right into the process. One of those steps is considering a title search. A title search, also called a property search, is a process of retrieving document evidencing events that determine interests and regulations concerning that property. 


What could go wrong if you don’t have this search done? Let’s look at a few examples…. 


A lot comes with buying a new home and there can be issues that arise unexpectedly. An example of that could be a lien. There are varying types of liens that can be placed on the property you are trying to buy. These can make it hard when are trying to buy a home and save money. Common liens are for the amount of money you have borrowed from the mortgage company to pay for the house you have acquired. 


While getting a title search, you want to make sure to check for title insurance and protect yourself from all the unexpected future claims to your house by previous owners or liens holders. This can be just as dangerous as the others if not taken care of properly. 


After checking for the biggest concerns, you will also want to use the title search to look for errors in the public records, illegal deals, missing heirs, forgeries, undiscovered wills, or unknown easements. Buying a home and not checking for all of these issues could force you to spend more money out of your pockets either immediately or down the road. So, make sure you play it safe and check out getting a title search before buying that new home!


Ohio First Land Title can help you achieve your title goals. Give us a call today at 440-365-2800 with questions, concerns, and help!

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