Heading Back to School in Northeast Ohio: What You Need to Know

To secure the future of the next generation, schools have to be reopened safely. While children are less likely than adults to develop severe illness from COVID-19, it is not clear what role they play in transmitting the virus to other children, teachers, school staff, and family members. This research is required to fill in the blanks and contribute to our understanding of this virus. In light of COVID-19 – the school season will begin shortly. Here are the reopening plans for some of the local school districts throughout Northeast Ohio.


  • Bay Village City School District: Students can choose between full-time in-person learning and full-time online learning options. The district is starting a slow launch return on Aug. 18.
  • Fairview Park City School District: Finalized plans will be announced Aug. 1, but students will have the option for online learning this fall.
  • Lakewood City School District: The district is offering four learning models to students and parents. This will depend on which Ohio Risk Level Cuyahoga County is set (it’s currently at a Level 3). Only when it’s at a Level 1 will students be allowed to return to the classroom full-time. A fully online option for the whole year is also available. Read the guidelines here.
  • North Olmsted City School District: The school district has drafted a plan that relies on the coronavirus Risk Level Guidelines put forth by the state to determine if classes will be online only, in-person or a combination of the two.
  • Rocky River City School District: Schools will reopen Aug. 31. Full online learning is available, and the school is currently finalizing all plans for a hybrid learning option. Find out more right here.
  • Westlake City School District: The district offers three different options for this year: an online-only option, a hybrid plan that involves online and in-person classes.


Reopening schools safely is imperative. Teachers are as critical as nurses and grocery delivery workers who have been on the pandemic front lines. School districts need to continue to collaborate with educators to continue to develop protocols that will reassure both concerned parents and teachers.

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