Staging Your Home to Sell FAST

While we may still be in a hot seller's market right now, the market is starting to cool down in certain parts of the country. Especially with the feds announcing a hike in interest rates throughout 2022!


While it doesn’t mean it will make your home more difficult to sell, it will mean that the craziness we’ve witnessed since March 2020 will slowly die off. Therefore, homes in all states and prices won’t necessarily sell at the same ease they’ve been selling for the past few months.


If you want to ensure your home sells quickly regardless of the market’s state, any real estate professional would recommend one thing: stage your home!


Not only does staging your home give a “WOW” Factor to buyers and make the sale happen quicker, but it also influences the price your home sells at.


Now, let’s go through a few staging tips together!


Invest in Curb Appeal


First impressions are extremely important, and one of the first few things someone sees about your home is the front yard! Make sure your grass is cut, bicycles or toys aren’t lying on the lawn, etc. Curb appeal can make or break a first impression!


Get rid of clutter


We all know how clutter can make us go into a cleaning frenzy… Imagine how buyers feel when they walk into a stranger’s home and face that same amount of clutter!


Remember that clutter may be an eyesore, but the biggest issue with clutter is that it makes your home feel a lot smaller. It also makes buyers focus on all the stuff in the room instead of what’s important about the house.


Depersonalize Your Home


People who are visiting your home need to be able to imagine themselves in your home. When you have pictures of your family in the home, for example, it makes it difficult for them to imagine that! Simply remove everything personal in your home so that a buyer can visualize their families living in the house.


Add a Fresh Aroma


It’s not only what buyers see that counts; what they smell counts too! Ideally, we wouldn't want buyers to smell what you had for dinner, the smell of your furry friends, or anything of that sort. Simply use a diffuser for essential oils, light up a candle, or use a plug-in refresher.


While there are many other things you can do to stage your home so it can sell fast, these tips we just gave you are the ones that cost you little money but make all the difference. 


Have you ever staged your home? Did you notice how much easier it was to sell? Let us know.

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