Summer Table Etiquette and Proper Settings

  How do you eat at the table during meals? Is it the same at home than in public? At someone else’s house? Table etiquette and table manners can go a long way when eating with a group of people, whether they are family members, friends, or business partners - especially this summer as we enter the time for summer cookouts and dinner parties! There are multiple factors that go into table etiquette and all the proper settings, and Ohio First Land Title is going to share them with you.



12 Simple Restaurant Rules


1.      Do not use your cell phone and keep all your personal belongings off the table.

2.      Talk about the payment plan before the meal if you are the host.

3.      Know how and where to place your napkin at all times.

4.      Try to let everyone order first.

5.      Do not yell at the waiter or staff at any time.

6.      Always try to dress nicely at these events.

7.      Do not reach across the table to taste others food.

8.      If food is not cooked fully, sending it back is expectable.

9.      Try to order the same number of courses as your group.

10.  Do not start a business conversation before the conclusion of the entrée.

11.  Do not place your utensils on the side of your plate when you finish eating. They can be placed on your plate in a parallel fashion. When taking a break, they can be placed crisscrossed on the plate.

12.  Remember all your table manners!



Napkin Etiquette


One of the most important rules of table etiquette is the placement of your napkin. Once seated you should place your napkin on your lap shortly after sitting down at the table. Throughout the meal itself, instead of rubbing your face with the napkin, it is polite to blot and pat your lips when needed. Although some may think to place their napkin on the table when finished with their meal, it is proper etiquette to wait until the host or hostess has done so themselves, to signal that the meal is over. When placing the napkin on the table, you always set it down to the left of your plate when the meal is over. However, when temporarily excusing yourself, you can place the napkin on the chair in which you were sitting. Learning how to properly place your napkin can go a long way in presenting yourself.



Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have anything to share or add in the comments!

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