These Four Quick Fixes Could Be Stopping Your Home from Selling

Every home has its quirks — maybe a floorboard that creaks too much or a discolored brick under the patio. Quirks can be a charming feature of your house or maybe just a little imperfection that went unnoticed as you’ve lived there. However, some things that could be charming or gone unnoticed to you may be preventing your home from selling.


Don’t panic, though. Many of your home’s quirks are still quite loveable, but there are a few things that you should always consider fixing before the next time you have a showing or virtual home tour.

Sticking Front Door

Talk about bad first impressions! You may be used to putting in a little extra push whenever you need to get inside, but to a home shopper, that sticky door will make the home feel uninviting and maybe even unsafe.

This is a quick and inexpensive fix for a local carpenter, and it can make a huge difference for selling your home.

Mixed-Up Waterspouts

Ever encounter a sink or bathtub and wonder which knob turns on the hot water? Well, there’s a universal rule for this you probably never thought of — hot is on the left and cold is on the right.


Now, do your taps follow this rule? If not, you may want to consider making an adjustment.


Most people subconsciously know the left/right default and touring a home to discover that the hot/cold settings are on the wrong side is a quick way to make them feel uncomfortable — whether they know about the rule or not!

DIY Wall Patches

Holes in the wall happen to homeowners everywhere and plastering over a nasty accident yourself is a sensible thing to do. However, these patches are probably more noticeable than you think. Even slight discoloration can draw unwanted attention, so consider hiring a professional to re-paint in a room where you may have done a DIY fix.

Squeaky Floors

That little squeak as you walk across the beautiful natural hardwood of your century home is a selling feature, right? Not really.


For most, a squeaky floor is an immediate sign that the home may need a repair or it’s just annoying.


This is a relatively easy fix if you can get to your subfloors — you just need to put down some new nails or tighten screws. However, if you can’t easily access your subfloor, there are some products you can buy at your local hardware store to dampen the noise.


Many of the flaws that make a home difficult to sell are quick fixes that don’t require a massive renovation project. With these four steps, your home should still have plenty of charming quirks that don’t put off buyers.

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