Why You Should (Always) Get the Title Insurance

Title insurance is one of the most important purchases a homeowner can make. We are here to help you understand why it's crucial to purchase title insurance. It offers financial security and protection, putting your mind at ease and free of worries from any unexpected situations that may arise.

When you purchase a home, you receive the property's title. The title gives you the legal rights to own the property. The property's history is reviewed during the title search process to determine if any issues could pose a problem to your ownership. Sometimes, title searches fail to discover critical title defects that can put your homeownership rights at risk.

Title insurance assures you that the title search will not miss any types of defects, and if it does, then your policy covers the cost. An owner’s title insurance policy differs from other types of insurance because you are protected against any claims that can arise from past occurrences, such as liens, conflicting wills, or back taxes. Defects in titles can be costly, so taking advantage of this protection is vital.

If you are worried about monthly costs associated with title insurance, don't be. Title insurance is a one-time-only premium; the price of your home determines the cost, and it lasts as long as you own your property. Most of your fees go toward the title insurance process, clearing title requirements, and examining documents; your premium ensures that you and your property rights are protected.

Owner's title insurance is essential for any homeowner. It protects you from incurring any unnecessary debts, and it defends your right to property ownership. At Ohio First Land Title, we can help navigate the title insurance process. Our experienced professionals are excited to assist you. Contact us today for more information!

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