Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here and while that means we can swap our Winter coats for our light Spring puffer coats, it also means we need to clean up whatever mess Winter left us with.


Here’s a list of things around your house you should definitely add to your Spring Cleaning checklist:




  1. Clean your windows from the outside

  2. Clean your outdoor furniture such as patio furniture, umbrellas, etc

  3. Remove or trim any dead tree branches

  4. Clean your gutters and downspouts

  5. Wash your deck’s floorboards

  6. Scrub down your front door, side door, and garage doors

  7. Rake and fertilize your grass to prep it for the summer

  8. Wash your fence




  1. Wipe walls

  2. Degrease the kitchen drains

  3. Dust high surfaces such as the top of your fridge and microwave

  4. Degrease your backsplash

  5. Defrost your freezer and clean it

  6. Get rid of old or expired food in the freezer, fridge, and pantry

  7. Deep clean your countertops

  8. Deep clean your fridge

  9. Deep clean the inside of your cabinets


Living room


  1. Dust and polish your furniture

  2. Put your blankets and pillows into the washing machine

  3. Vacuum your sofa

  4. Dust your blinds and curtains

  5. Wash your windows from the inside

  6. Dust and clean your ceiling fans

  7. Dust electronics and other gadgets

  8. Disinfect your remote controls and other gadgets




  1. Sort and throw away paperwork you don’t need anymore

  2. Disinfect your keyboard and mouse

  3. Dust your electronics and any surfaces




  1. Wipe bed baseboards

  2. Dust and polish your furniture

  3. Reorganize your closet 

  1. Discard or donate clothing you aren’t using

  2. Wash your sheets and your entire bedding set

  3. Vacuum and wash your carpets (either shampoo them or throw them in the washing machine if you can)

  4. Dust your blinds and curtain rods

  5. Wash your windows from the inside


Throughout the house


  1. Test your smoke alarm batteries

  2. Check your air filters and replace the ones who need it

  3. Clean your air vents

  1. Dust and clean your light fixtures

  2. Replace light bulbs around the house

  3. Sanitize any spots that are touched a lot, such as handles or light switches


While this list may not include basic cleaning chores (such as mopping or vacuuming), we hope it serves as a great resource and reminder of tasks we don’t do as frequently.


Happy Spring Cleaning!

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