How to Choose the Right Title Company


There are lots of paperwork and things to take care of when you buy a home, and one of those things is title insurance. While it may not be legally required for you to purchase title insurance for your new home, it is recommended for many reasons. 


But how do you choose the right one? Here are criteria you should consider…


Local experience and knowledge


Local experience and knowledge about the area your home is situated in are super important factors to consider when you’re in the process of choosing a title insurance company. The reason why is because you need to have people you can trust know the local customs and laws to ensure your transactions happen smoothly. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if they have an office near you that is accessible and easier for you to pop in and get what you need from them.




You also want to avoid a company that once they close the deal with you, will ghost you or fight with you for every cent you try and claim after a dispute. The best way you can find out what their reputation is like is to go around and ask people who live near you if they ever did business with the title company you’re considering or if they had heard anyone say anything about the company. 


Customer Service


When you’re amidst a potentially very expensive and stressful dispute regarding the title of your home, the last thing you need is your title insurance company taking too long to get back to you. Again, one of the best ways to find out about their level of customer service before you purchase a policy from them is to ask around. Whether it’s through reading reviews online, asking people in your neighborhood if they recommend that company, or simply asking them directly to provide testimonials, you can get a good idea about their level of customer service. 


Fees and costs


Lastly, an important factor when considering a title company is the fees and costs. While they may be similar to each other, make sure to review the policies they are proposing and compare them between each other to make sure you’re getting the best protection you can for the money you’re about to invest. 


If you’re looking to purchase a title insurance policy, get in touch with us!

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