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Author: Brian Pritc

Making Closing Easy

Making Closing Easy

Posted By Brian Pritc
August 10, 2016 Category: closing, title

Closing on Your Home Should Be Exciting, Not Stressful!   Did you know that an experienced title insurance company can make your closing experience easier? When you have a reliable title company on your side, you can rest assured that you won’t run into any snags with property ownership or hidden liens after the fact, and that takes a lot of pressure off of signing closing documents.   Also, the state of Ohio is what’s known as a escrow area, meaning that buyer and seller don’t need to be on site at the same time in any particular location to take care of closing papers. Wherever you are, you can sign off on your new home with confidence when you trust the real estate title insurance company you’ve hired to research your new acquisition.   Here’s a quick run down of the process leading up to closing:   1. The purchase contract is signed by the buyer and the seller.   2. The lender or realtor orders title research with a reputable title agency who then gathers up all escrow requirements and research, including:   ·      title examination ·      surveys ·      deeds ·      payoffs ·      termite inspections ·      title documents provided to lender ·      escrow

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