Blog - Author: Sandra Shinn

Author: Sandra Shinn

DIY 4th Of July: Decor and Desserts!

By Sandra Shinn
June 29, 2018 Category: Holidays

The 4th of July is well known for being a red, white and blue holiday. With so many cookouts, parties and get-togethers happening on this day it is essential to decorate and cook to fit the holiday theme! Decorating for the 4th of July is limitless and there are so many amazing DIY ideas to choose from. From napkin holders to a themed vase to center pieces and wreaths, everything can be customized for the holiday. For some amazing DIY craft and decorating ideas on the above and so much more visit; Good House Keeping - 4th of July Decorations . One of the easiest and most common DIY crafts for the holiday is a wreath. These can be displayed for not only guests to see but also the whole neighborhood and passers-by. There are a ton of different wreath options to choose from meeting all levels of crafting ability. For some inspiration and ideas on the type of wreath you want to create visit; Another great